Our Little Home - nice and cozy

When staging your home for sale, it’s important to look at all the little details. You want buyers to feel at home and for them to want to pay top price to secure the home and remove it from the market. Of course you need to declutter your home and present it in a clean and tidy way for any potential buyers. But fresh flowers can create an atmosphere in your home, that is warm, friendly and welcoming.

These are my tips on how plants and flowers can be displayed in your home to help sell your house. A good way is to buy a large mixed flower bouquet, and break it down to create small bouquets for several rooms. Think about using bright friendly colours in the hallway such as yellows or oranges. You don’t have to match the colours of the flowers to your decor, you want them to stand out and be seen, so think about using contrasting colours to your home.

You can put bouquets in any room in your house from you your living room, dining room, and kitchen. You can even add a bunch of flowers or a house plant to your bathroom for extra colour and texture. House plants are great for for keeping air quality clean in your home, Nasa created a study about this.

Using flowers does not have to be concentrated to the inside of your home, think about the outside too. Some planted lavender either side of your front door make a welcoming atmosphere as well as smelling nice when brushed against them. Think about staging your home, a table with a bunch of flowers, and then lay the table with plates and cutlery. You have to present your house in a way that it encourages your buyers imagination to think about them living in your property.

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