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'Our Song' Love Editions by Johnny Cotter

'Our Song' Love Editions by Johnny Cotter

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'Our Song' Love Editions by Johnny Cotter

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This stunning Johnny Cotter A Print is stylish and also affordable&#; the spot on way to start a collection or distribute as a gorgeous gift. Produced by available at A1Gifts.co.uk, This print is presented in a stylish black frame and as well as is professionally bordered&#; ready for hanging! It speaks for itself!Dimensions:xxmmBIOGRAPHY: Embracing the developments in technology I work mainly in a digital format constructing images that act as his mirror to society. My original works are mainly printed on Glass&#; Aluminium and also canvas. I too create sculptural works that explore inventive techniques of expression&#; which critique the recession stricken society of today. I exercise a symbolic understanding in themes like religion&#; life and as well as politics to convey my message&#; thus&#; heralding the return of an art form that is created for the public. My influences include Blek&#; Warhol&#; Hirst&#; Bacon&#; Blake as well as Lichtenstein.Recent achievements include the global acknowledgement of my piece “Let me listen to me as well as not to them”. The social&#;critical image has inspired journalists all over the world to discuss the work including a feature in Vogue’s Italian flagship magazine&#; the Washington Post&#; New York Times and as well as countless more in different countries. The work caused a protest in my hometown. Since the story broke in January &#; the image has been viewed online more that Million times.The viral nature of this work has proved my ability to create modern iconic images; my work has received critical acclaim and as well as been purchased by several well&#;known celebrities.

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