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Fiskars Lawn Spiker

Fiskars Lawn Spiker

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Fiskars Lawn Spiker

  • Brand: Fiskars
  • MPN: 136524
Fiskars Brands, Inc. Produced by Fiskars available at Capital Gardens, is a subsidiary of Fiskars Corporation, which was founded in when a Dutch merchant was given a charter to establish a blast furnace as well as in addition to forging operation in the trivial village of Fiskars, near Helsinki. In the early years, Fiskars made nails, wire, hoes as well as as well as metal reinforced wheels from pig iron. As industrial and also as well as economic development accelerated in Europe, Fiskars Corporation began a tradition of being on the forefront of innovation, as well as expanded the knifeworks to become a premier steel and also as well as ironworks company, manufacturing agricultural machinery, steam engines and also as well as household utensils, including candlesticks, forks and as well as as well as scissors. A billion scissors and also in addition to still counting Our first pair of Fiskars? scissors was created more than years ago, as well as as well as made of heavy, forged steel. Exciting modern ideas helped us revolutionize the industry in the th century. The name Fiskars became synonymous with quality, and as well as moreover our tradition of innovation has continued to provide inspiration throughout the company. The orange-handled scissors have become our most well-known product as well as as well as to date we have sold over a billion pairs worldwide. Fiskars? Garden Tools Fiskars? Garden Tools is the number global brand of garden tools. For years, we have led the way in developing tools to assist reduce the effort, fatigue as well as strain that?s often associated with gardening. Our ergonomic tools are designed for gardeners who yearn to pursue their passion with lightweight, high-quality, durable tools as well as besides accessories that build cutting and as well as as well as digging easier.

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