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Anniversary Commemorative Newspaper Book

Anniversary Commemorative Newspaper Book

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Anniversary Commemorative Newspaper Book

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Our Anniversary Newspaper books are a unique and also as well as personal anniversary keepsake gift. Produced by available at A1Gifts.co.uk, They are suitable for all anniversaries from the Paper Wedding Anniversary &#;st&#; through to the Diamond Wedding Anniversary &#;th&#;. The Anniversary newspapers produce a fabulous relevant anniversary gift as they allow the recipients to relive the memories of their wedding day by reading nearly the headlines as well as moreover events in the newspaper on that day.The Anniversary Newspapers book is a combined collection of of newspapers&#; which have all been recreated in a handmade leatherette book. The archive newspapers included will be from the wedding date&#; as well as from the birth date of both partners. These are genuine recreations of the original newspapers as they were published at the time. Each Anniversary Newspaper books are made to order for the recipients with their unique special dates as well as it takes specialist craftsmen to create each book.The hardback covers are personalised with both partners’ names and as well as as well as the wedding date which is gold embossed on the front cover. Each book of Anniversary Newspapers in addition to comes with a personalised certificate where the sender is able to record a greeting as well as as well as personal message &#;please note we are only able to print up to of sentences&#;.The Anniversary Newspaper book is available as a recreation of The Mirror. The Mirror book is cm x cm and also as well as in Burgundy.So what do you do now? Well it&#;s simple just place your order for the anniversary book as well as register with A Gifts. Whilst placing your order you can either place the birthday dates of the recipients&#; their wedding date&#; their names &#;jointly up to characters including spaces&#;&#; special message&#; &#;Please note that if a Sunday is chosen second the Sunday pictorial will be sent in change or replacement of the Mirror&#; within the gift message box&#; alternatively you can e&#;mail all the information to sales@agifts.co.uk. However don&#;t worry if you do not do either of these as we will e&#;mail you for all the required information.Please note as this item is personalised as well as made to order they endure between &#; working days.As this item is bespoke and also as well as personalised we are unfortunately unable to refund this product

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